The situation of Transat 2013 has reached a certain climax at the briefing of 1100 hrs this morning in the capitainerie of Gijon.

  1. 5 proto´s are in Sada, near La Coruna in the West of Spain,
  2. About 70 boats have arrived in Gijon;
  3. 1 Boat has arrived in Santander;
  4. 2 boats have returned to Douarnenez and will be put on a truck to Sada, now the first etappe has been cancelled and they could (legally…?) participate in the second etappe;
  5. About 4 skippers have abandonned the race;
  6. Three masts has been broken;
  7. One proto has lost his keel and has been submerged by the skipper who has stepped then on board of a cargo which continued its way to Guadeloupe…(!);
  8. Another skipper has taken on board of an accompying boat (¨Cormoran¨?, French Navy) after he has submerged his Proto 709.

The race committee has informed us that a departure of the Gijon fleet to Sada might take place Tuesday coming, to start the first etappe from Sada to Lanzarote from there, includinf the 5 boats already in sada.

Many questions has been asked by the skippers, some of which are noted here:

  1. Why do the 5 boats not rejoin (downwind, today) us in Gijon with which move we can gain at least 4 days by starting thursday straight to lanzarote from Gijon with the whole fleet;
  2. The safety regarding the bad meteo transmissions/receptions via Radio Monaco via BLU/SSB and the speed of talking French, the differences in the messages in French compared to the ¨English¨ versions. BLU/SSB voice reception is not an easy thing (on board);
  3. The safety of not having charts of the Bay of Sada. Charts will be supplied for by the organisation;
  4. The ¨level playing field¨ (¨equite´) has disappeared now the Gijon boats had three days of high waves and wind in upwind coarse and still have to sail to Sada (upwind?). Whereas two boats has been not used in Biscay (822 and 850) these days and are roadtransported to Sada;
  5. Should not we just rejoin in Lanzarote and start only 1 etappe?
  6. That there is not sufficient transparancy in information and decisionmaking.

From Gijon


 November 3, 2013 (exact 2 years after my finish at about 0900 UTC in Salvador de Bahia as 7th serieboat in force 7 and exceptional bad eather conditions!).