Ocean Speed Challenge mini transat 650


I think it is a miracle and an abundance of luck, which arranged that all mini "coureurs" came safe on land, specifically the 5 who were rescued when they were in immediate life threatening situations. I am worrying about the safe future of the race.

To safeguard better our lifes at sea in the bi-anual future Mini Transat races, it is necessary to learn the lessons of Transat 2013 and not to stick heads in the ground!

ClasseMini and other related race-organisations should further adapt and change qualifications. 

I expect that despite the chaotic Annual Meeting, held in Douarnenez in January 2014, the Board of Directors will destillate the necessairy steps for the future and arrange for a proper execution of the lessons.

See interview Clubracer: http://www.clubracer.be/2014/1/29/robert-r-jacobson-mini-transat-2013-was-meest-dramatische-ooit