Ocean Speed Challenge mini transat 650

Mini Transat 2013

Tomorrow, Monday March 24 at 11:30 hrs MET, Dutch Radio 4 will transmit five classical music choices made by Robert Rosen Jacobson. Robert made these recordings for AVRO broadcasting company on the Atlantic Ocean  during 5 phases of Transat 2013 race, somewhere along the 4100 nautical miles track from Sada (Spain) to Guadeloupe (Caribbean).

The program "De Klassieken" is broadcasted Monday to Friday from 0900 tot 1200 hrs LT and will be presentated by Hans Smit.
Radio 4 can be received on the internet and is broadcasted on FM (94.6 in the western part of Holland).

Every day around 11:30 "Variaties op een thema" (Variations on a Theme), with this week the Atlantic Ocean as special theme. 

After the broadcast every individual emission will be made available via internet via www.radio4.nl, the theme of the week can be viewed with this link.

On Wednesday, the third Transat Phase broadcast of Robert will be online only (not on the FM-frequency) due to a special broadcast of a different subject on AVRO radio

The NED 602 Transat 2013 movie will also be available via AVRO online radio. Last Saturday March 22 the "premiere" took place during a private viewing for the support group of about 30 persons around project Transat 2013 NED 602.