Ocean Speed Challenge mini transat 650


finish of winning Proto: Benoit Marie

Benoît Marie (667) won the Proto division, finishing december 1st after 18days 13h and 1m05s. 

This morning Robert Rosen Jacobson entered the last 1000nm stretch to the finish. At last, after a week of dolldrum-like weather, the tradewinds are working as advertised. NED602 has chosen a more northerly track and at this moment that looks like the right choice. Serie boat rankings 10 to 19 are within 100nm of each other, so a lot can happen. 
If winds keep up I expect his arrival early next week.

This morning at app. 10:30 Robert rejoined the race after a 24h stopover at Puerto de Santiago to repair his electrical system.

Winds have dropped to 12 knots and are expected to diminish further. It took him considerable time to sail out of the lee of the rocks of Tenerife, but at 16:00 NED602 was doing 7 knots, just 360 nm behind the leader. Combine that with the 2500 nm distance to Guadeloupe and you can calculate that Robert only has to go 1 knot faster than all the others to win….



This morning at 10:30 Robert Rosen Jacobson entered Puerto de Santiago on the westcoast of Tenerife, aparently for repairs.

The Minitransat website published the following comment:

"Robert Rosen Jacobson ( Postillion Hotels ) also had to stop in the west of Tenerife. Energy problem for the Dutch navigator who, in a burst of laughter, asked if we knew when he was asked about his morale. No doubt, the dean of the race is a fighter."

Will be continued!


While it seemed that Robert was right on course and speed after passing Lanzarote, last night at app. 01:00 his track shows strange deviations to the north and the south. Two hours later and three places lower in the ranking (5 -> 8) he is back on track again. Electrical or autopilot problems? Rudder? We can only guess

This morning Robert Rosen Jacobson rounded Lanzarote in a -still very good- 6th place. Because his boatspeed is lower than a few days ago we were speculating about a repair stop at Lanzarote. But aparently the state of NED602 is good enough to continue to Pointe à Pitre.


definitely not NED602, just another impression about the conditions at sea

Analyzing the track on the "cartography" site it seems that Robert Rosen Jacobson got into trouble this morning between 0800 and 0900. His speed dropped from from 10+ to about 5 knots for 8 hours, losing 4 places and 30 nm. From 16h NED602 was back in the double digits.

So what has happened? Blown out spinaker? Broken bowsprit? Flushed cabin? Damaged rudder? We might have to wait weeks to know…

The important thing is that Robert is chasing the leaders again!


This broaching Mini is not NED602, but we are sure it could have been…

Incroyable: Robert Rosen Jacobson into second place

While we were sleeping, warm and dry, Robert was flying! By keeping up his incredible speed and staying close to the rumpline (the shortest route between start and finish), he passed Justine Mettraux and Simon Koster. At the same time he shortened his gap to no.1 Aymeric Belloir by more than two nautical miles.

Tonight at 20h00 it is clear that Robert is pushing very hard. The French are astonished, from the MiniTransat website:


"In fourth, the amazing Robert Rosen Jacobson (Postillion Hotels) confirms once again that the doyen of the race is at ease in the breeze. But with physical age can come mental strength. And in this field, Robert could remonstrate with many."


When the going gets tough, the tough get get going…

Robert Rosen Jacobson has made an excellent start in his third Transat. This morning at 08h00 he was in 8th position, by noon he advanced to 4th place!

By sticking to a westerly course he found favourable winds during the night. You can follow the race live on this tracking site.

Start Sada

Start in Sada, with NED602 leading the pack (in this photo…)

Départ de Sada door  minitransat